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We are promotional merchandise consultants and therefore charge for our management and expertise and we do not make profit on products

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The Story

An electrician orders pens and notepads with his logo and contacts printed on them, he plans to give them to possible clients as free gifts.

Out come : The possible client checks his fuses realises he needs an electrician. He Tries to find his pad by the phone but that ran out, he tries to find his pen he was given but that got lost someplace…. he looks on google and calls the first “emergency electrician” he can find….. YOUR PROMO FAILED!

The same electrician came to Brand Manage. He asked for pens / pads but instead we persuaded him to use wind up torches for his promo again with his logo and contacts printed. He again gave them to possible clients as free gifts.

Out come : The possible client checks his fuses using the torch the electrician had given him. He needs an electrician so he rings the number on the torch and DING DONG YOU GOT THE JOB

By letting us manage your promotional branding we guarantee your marketing will get solid accountable results! And guaranteed best UK prices!
Why we are Different

We dont sell products we simply create a project and assist you to get the right product in front of the right suspect at the exact time they will need or want your service. Its that simple

We offer you products at true trade prices, this eliminates the need for you to waste your time getting quote after quote as we guarantee to be cheaper by MILES!

Think of us as your specialist promo product consultants! thats what we are….. we dont sell products we sell a service! For every order there is a small order management fee.

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