When you start-up a business, choosing names can become quite challenging at times. The basic rule for accomplishing a good brand name is solely based on how you want to perceive your business in future. Whatever the products you intend to brand name should be chosen and made carefully, since they are to be publicized under a certain name in future. This task may seem a little nerve wrecking, since the naming is permanent. But you need not to worry anymore our simple and easy guide may lead you to the brand name you really wanted to come up with but couldn’t due to all the tension buildup.  Here are few guidelines that make your brand naming quite easier and fun.

Descriptive: the brand name is responsible for the nature of the business such as Pizza hut, taco bell, fat burger etc. these all famous brands represent the nature of the business they are introducing to people that is Food.  Similarly we aren’t asking you to keep long names or very deep intellectual names, but names that define your business matter just in two words.

Abbreviations:  most of the brands we know today are used in abbreviations, KFC, IKEA etc. all these brand names are in short forms but then again their brand meaning are representing their business strategies.

Conjoined names: subway, hotmail, facebook, Microsoft etc. two names combined to give the brand a whole new name and an identity can also be considered. A lot of successful companies have conjoined names, rather very successful ones. So don’t feel so down about it if someone suggests a conjoined name for as the new name of your brand.

Metaphorical: a lot of people opt for names completely different from what products are, such as Apple and starbucks. This method is mostly to convey to the customer that what is the message of the company and help attain their emotions with the brand name.

The owner’s/ founder’s name: a lot of times companies prefers the original name of the owner, sometimes it is also done out of respect. But we have seen some great companies such as Addidas and Tommy Hilfiger prosper immensely making huge bucks and being known internationally.

Self-invented names: if you don’t like any of the ideas above then think about inventing names on your own. For instance Google, yahoo etc are all invented names but are unique in their own way.

Make sure whatever you decide should go well with your business and represent it on a wider level and in a good way.



How to name a product under a brand’s name? Or is it the brand only or maybe the product? Confusing isn’t it? These things may appear of little or no value but the fact is even brands and their products have certain differences. Customers actually look into such minor details, before picking up their favorites. As a brand manager or director you should understand your product and brand both far enough to convey it positively towards your clients too. Before proceeding to any conclusions, let’s first look into the main differences between brand and product.


A product is made by a company and is bought by consumers in exchange of certain money. Brand is made, by the expectations and experiences of the consumers under the company’s name. For example HONDA is a company which makes car, but the buyers take it as a ‘brand’ making world-class cars. Under that brand umbrella, Honda manufactures different sorts of cars for different consumers. So without a product, there is no brand.


A product can always be taken by other brand. You come up with a different kind of product and as soon as it hits the audience other firms jump in to try their experiments coming up with the same kind of products. When Amazon launched their e-reader, a lot of other companies came up with their own e-readers. Brand is about developing confidence through the quality of the product also the emotions consumers develop through their experience with your brand.


Remember VHS players? Sony used to be only one who was compatible enough. But today no one knows what VHS players were because now it’s all about DVD players. But the brand name still remains there! Sony is still one of the best companies.


When a product is launched it quickly becomes the centre of attention, since it is serving a specific function. But when it comes to brand it takes ample amount of time to build consumers trust. For example, when Google was launched it was just an ordinary website with an awesome search engine. The search engine was the product and the Google was the brand. Over years of experience people finally realized that Google’s search engine was definitely the most productive search engine.

Both you are building a brand or just clearing your thoughts about it, always remember patience, persistence, consistence and quality is the key!


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Understanding what brand really is and how it is important in our lives is what most of us fails at times. Is a brand some sort of government sector? I think not! It is most probably related to our economic system which is a good thing and here is why; to create a standard, a margin, a relationship with the customer who is looking for his needs, a confidence in society and lastly proving themselves. Brands need to stimulate recognition, preference provoking customer’s interest and loyalty; however you cannot relate your brand to a specific identity.

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Brands are taken as profit making organizations through delivering the products to their customers, whereas identity is something completely different from brand.

What is a brand?

Brand is a relationship between you and the audience. A brand is a term or a symbol that identifies your goods to your customer and also within the market. You cannot brand something out of your own will, you earn it. Yes! You earn your brand name. How so?  Through a long period of hard work and determination. You cannot build a brand over-night; you go through a lot of phase’s construction, destruction and then reconstruction.

Identity is the art crafts of your brand. You do get recognize by your brand name but certainly you cannot judge your identity based on your brand name only. You see brand is a mash up of your personality, history, working style and other factors that are a part of you. For instance, Steven Paul jobs the CEO of apple, was previously a marketer, an entrepreneur and also an inventor. His identity greatly influenced his brand which helped the brand flourish.

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 Basically what I am trying to convey in this short article, is that identity is the different physical elements that work together and customers come in contact with. Your business cards, the signatures, the dealings, logos, websites, layout designs etc all comes under the identity factor.

Brand is a concept not a concrete object. It is a gut feeling, a feeling you develop between your company and your customers. The entire marketing framework, an emotional and psychological relationship between you and your employees and also your clients and lastly what your customer thinks about your company!





Most of the times when branding is addressed with clients, many misconceptions arise in their heads. It is vital that you understand the importance and values of a brand. Here are some common mistakes made when it comes to branding.

  1. BRAND IS LOGO: a big no if you are considering logos as brands. Yes no doubt logos represent your brand. But their utmost concept is of only representing not defining the personality of your brand. Brands are way more complex than just logos. Brand is something that has a strong connection with the client’s demands and needs. It is not just business but also the gut feeling type thing you get when you buy a specific product under a brand name. You cannot encompass all of the brand aspects in your logo. But your interaction with your clients your name in market is what marks you as a BRAND. A logo cannot do that.
  2. BRANDS ARE THERE TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE: brands are way more than just the names and fame. It is more about your conduct your services your behavior your team service and the products. Just because you started as a brand doesn’t mean these things don’t matter anymore. With emerging new talents and creativeness, keeping up the quality is as important as keeping up the fame. So people look for the product before judging from brand names and price tags!
  3. YOUR BRAND IS MARKET’S RESPONSIBILITY: well to be honest, not really! If you are not specific about what your organization is meant to deliver and what your customers should be expecting then market possibly can show case your brand as making false promises and this might get you in trouble. It is your brand, primarily and technically it is your responsibility not the market departments.
  4. BRANDS WITH BIG ADVERTISING BUDGETS ARE SUCCESSFUL ONES:  you stepped back just because you couldn’t afford TV commercials and public advertisements? Well then there is another major misconception you need to get steer clear off. Most of the successful brands today didn’t get popular because of media advertising. It was more about the quality and happy customers. Your brand strategies and brand initiatives shouldn’t be dependent on brand marketing. There is no use of spending big bucks if your message lacks determination and consistency. Believe me it would be an epic fail if your brand foundation is not strong enough.
  5. DOESN’T REALLY MATTER WHAT THE BRAND LOOK LIKE, WAIT DOES IT? Off course it does! How can you overlook this-most obvious-fact? Some companies are less glamorous than the others, yet some owners care the least about their brands out-look just because that is how the market perceives their brand. The thing is your brand appearance is as important as your own appearance.
  6. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ARE ONLY FOR LARGE BUSSINESES: creativeness comes in all sizes and shapes, small or not your company should not be intimidated when approaching large branding firms. Even if you are assigned with side scale work not feel bad, rather think it as an excellent chance of gaining experience. Same goes for big companies; they should always be more flexible towards new small companies.



We merchandise over thousands of products, waiting for your logos and names. Since we deal with logos almost each day, we can assure you through our experience that logos are one of the most important aspects of your business. Many people do not consider logos to be a very essential part, but believe us logos matters as equally as the business itself. Therefore for your convenience we bring you a little guide on how important your logo is.

Purpose of logos: logos are intended to be the face of your company. The unique graphic designing, fonts and colors mark the identity of your business. Logos are a way through which you mark your brand presence on social media, advertising and business market.

Design principle: a logo is a shorthand cue telling the entire story about your brand’s culture, concepts, behavior and values. In design principles, it is solely based on ones ideology and choice. Many people want to come up with designs which are common in market. But we strongly oppose this idea why so? Just because a design is famous in market doesn’t mean it would make your brand famous, NO rather it would cause confusion among clients. Therefore whenever you are deciding for logos make sure you have worked it out well enough before coming up with a unique design. I have kept emphasizing on the word ‘unique’ because for a good logo, it has to be unique different from others. Do not take fonts and colors of the logo of least importance. Be very careful when finalizing the color and font of the logo.

Brand identity: logos are the major visual of your brand. They represent your name on advertisings, business cards, and websites and in your business meetings and conferences. They are the first impression of your brand on your client. However, your logo should be in accordance with what your brand voice. It should be representing your business message. Doesn’t mean you should be writing whole paragraphs or opting for big designs. Whatever design you have in your mind should be coherent to the concept and values of your business.

Return on investment: if your logos aren’t coping well with your work then you can always redesign them. If you think that you would lose customers and clients then you are thinking wrong. A lot of companies have earned more clients after altering their logos.

Common mistakes: small business often take their logos work for granted that is one common mistake but some of them keep changing them more than they should. Sometimes people design logo for every other small product just to give a very professional neat look, but most of the times their mistakes results in a major client drawback.

Take your time and decide whatever you come up with make sure to recheck it, research for it. Make your logo simple and eye catching. It may not seem important but believe me once you are done with a good-looking unique, one of its kind logo it would help you stand confident in market and attract customers too.

Happy logoing!



You have been through so many struggles and finally come up with the perfect standard you have always aimed for you brand, however for a better and firm repute consistency is the ultimate key. Remember back in high school, your clothing your ‘look of the day’ used to be so much important? You were strongly perceived utterly based on how you dressed up, what were your favorite music and the people you used to hang out with. Well not much has changed since high school times. Just like those old high school times you need to groom and maintain your business and brand personality. Here are certain tips for the maintenance of your brand consistency.

Develop consistency in your brand: yes we are referring to the consistency itself. Your brand consistency is more like your business strategy. If your planning is weak, non-coherent and vague, it is likely for your brand to trip down from its road to success. You don’t have to be super-clever or smarty pants in order to pursue your business success, just a tiny bit of common-sense would do.

Deliver the right message: every strong firm has its own ‘mission statement’ it `strongly follows. Like in every good story book, the opening line or a little quotation shows the writer devotion. Similarly your statement should reflect you hard-work and devotion towards your company.

Get everyone involved:  your team is your partner in crime. You cannot run the whole firm on your own. Right set of workers could help you achieve massive and maintain and improve your criteria and your all-over business look.  Arrange meetings group-discussion, seminars and conferences to keep in touch with all of your employees.

Provide resources to enable brand consistency: providing correct, up-to-date material to your teams is crucial and a very concerned responsibility. Make sure the resources you are delivering are authentic.

Evolution:  variation, competition and selection. Just like any evolution theory our work strives the same way. You introduce ‘variation’ as in new concepts new ideas new products. Now once delivered to audiences, depending the way you introduce them in the market a competition arises among your products and other products, the one with the best result is selected. So coming up with different ideas always -if not a lot- triggers a new twist in your business career.

Don’t be afraid of what is going to come. Sometimes you would fall, make mistakes but that is what life is all about. You get a chance to rise and improve your mistakes. Just remember branding isn’t done over night, brand maintenance needs patience and lots of dedication and hard work.




BRANDING! A common business phenomenon everyone is chasing around these days. We have provided you with a lot of topics, all stretching about how to build brands how to maintain it and run it. But maybe it is time for you to introduce your own brand? It is not an easy task and we can swear on it however, if you are willing on starting your own brand and putting forward your ideas and creativity then you are on the right page my friend!

Get a name: how do you want to get started? Well let’s see, clearly the brand name is what you would want to focus on. In my opinion name reflects your image. In such advance times, you would certainly want to come up with a name with a strong impactful impression. The American brand ‘bath and body works’ is one of the most renowned brands majorly because of its fun names. You could find their new launches in every season with such fun names that you would want to have all of them!

Promote on social media: social media is the first and very fast way to get your own brand name started. People are always looking for something new and unique. If you were already capturing your customer’s hearts and trust then winning them again with your own brand would become much easier.

Start with a kick: you do not have to particularly start with a massive investment but yet rather plan your working smartly. Maybe come up with an offer such as the first 10 buyers would get a free gift or offer discounts, anything as such would attract buyers.

Its business GET SERIOUS: you are investing a good amount of sum there; your first priority should be recovering that money back through delivering your product in the right way. But this work requires loads of hard work of dedication you cannot just leave it hanging in the air but work for it in a serious way.

Starting your own brand might become a bit tricky, but believe me you need to put in more creativity than just a simple strategy. New ideas and concepts always attract people.

Good luck!



Your logo start with an affirmative kick in the market, you keep making bucks because of all the products you threw in market for years and years. But now is the time to take your business to the higher level through refreshing your entire firm and making certain important updates. You may not feel the need to do so, but a fresh new kick most of the times attract new buyers. A brand refreshment is more like a new haircut up-to-date clothes and brand new shoes for a person to look attractive, similarly you need to cut down certain things, build up others and update the remaining for a better attractive company. Here are few ideas for how you can possibly update your brand.

  • Ø Redesign your logo: we aren’t suggesting you to completely change your logo, but by this we refer the outlook of the brand to be a bit more eye-catching. It is more like keeping the brand but changing the whole look of it.
  • Ø Including context writing and colors: maybe you think you are doing enough when it comes to writing or the blog posts. But that really isn’t enough, because with progressing technology and time others maybe ahead of you while you stick to your old pride!
  • Ø Expand the design system: expanding the design system may help you get hold of potential workers as well as clients.
  • Ø With advance of time and technology world, it is impossible for the organization to stay same. The only thing that stays there is the quality and determination of work. Certain changes are definitely required for the maintenance of the company and the quality of your brand and work.
  • Ø Evolution: variation, competition, selection and then evolution. The best way to define brand upgrades. You come up with different ideas, arising competition. People like your new ideology and choose your product over other promoting your brand name on a wider level. Finally you are given credit for coming with something different but the origins being the same.

Just don’t sweat about it much, be focused and come up with new ideas. You would be surprised how much progress your brand would make.


Everyone has experienced a downfall in business and their branded content being a total loss to their firm. That is okay! Since it’s a part of business and life. But is your branded content being a complete loss and you can’t exactly figure out why? Well here is a little guide, (reasons) for why is your merchandise being a complete loss.

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  1. Your voice isn’t developed enough: this means exactly what it sounds. Brands don’t conduct hundreds of experiments or testing consumer variations. However, they do take a keen interest in developing their voices on social media. That is what creates the maximum awareness. How would people buy the product when they have no clue what is it or why it is being promoted? Right? No one would particularly open your website on their own. Mostly people search for websites after they have seen it somewhere on a social media network.

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Another aspect which lies under the same category is the writing. If your firm is 10-20 years old, you can’t hand over your blog posts to some 40 years old writer or some recent graduate writing his own way. Your posts should be focused, precise, smart and updated and most importantly informative. In other words, you need a skilled writer and editor who can help you develop a good voice about your firm.

  1. You focus on self- promotion: consumers are smart, if your post is more focused on promotion of your brand while there are zero details about the product, then believe me they would not even bother to click and check new your new posts in future. Make sure your product is more focused than the brand name.
  2. You are skipping on guest writing: you know well that what you are writing however WHERE are you writing is the right question to ask. You need to get your posts on right places. People would actually peek inside the article and most of them share too if they post is on the right website.

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  1. You are not distributing your content: if you are making high-quality products and writing about it in the fanciest manner then you need to find a way which can catch eyeballs too. Creating a promotion for your merchandise is always critical but sharing only would not be enough unless you strike some gold and glitter on it: by that I mean something that spice up the very first headline and makes people want to open it. Sharing on your own page is one thing, but then sharing it on other similar sites or leaving the link behind may become very useful.
  2. Are you even publicizing to the full potential? What the merchandise or the products are capable off is only what you know but you need to put your thoughts down in a written form. If that is not done right then you are obviously going to lose your consumer’s interests. Writing about the products color or size isn’t awkward or weird. It is informative, because your client would always want to know the exact measurements and would actually appreciate such details before investing in their money.

If any of the above points sounds daunting, don’t worry you are not alone. Publicizing the merchandise is very crucial but not hard or impossible; make sure you are executing your energy in the right way.



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Branding is never easy; you go through a lot of struggle, compromise and a good amount of patience. What you suffer for your business to flourish, is only what you know. What is your brand story? Would you want the world to know?

Let’s start from a simple example. Have you ever come across any story that has flat characters? Or no characters at all? A boring story it would be right? You can’t have story without characters, and you cannot have characters which are flat. In storytelling, the main character is called the protagonist. In telling your brand story, you, the business, are the protagonist. The protagonist is the center of the story. Everything that happens is about this central character. The protagonist is the hero of the story; he would be super perfect in everything. Sometimes he may screw up but in the end he is going to save the town earn his hero title and live happily ever after.


For you to fit in this sort of context your story (your brand) needs a plot a twist in a simpler way IDENTITY! Some of this identity building is along the typical marketing efforts. You need to identify your client’s purchases and their entire journey. Quote their experiences and memories just like you would expect a good authentic author to write down the dialogues and expressions in detail. This enhances your brand name even more.

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Is your story reliable enough? Reliable is directed towards your audiences again, to grasp their attention and mesmerize them in your story mantra. How possibly this can happen? Your tone, your convincing point, the agenda itself should be interesting enough to provoke your audiences interest. The people who read your business story should be able to identify that how are you in person; funny, charming, aggressive, friendly the story should be reflecting your business image.

We have constantly talked about business story, but really one should ask how to build a business story? Sounds pretty odd. In order to build one you should have a story to tell. The most typical elements of a story are;

  • Introduction: what is the story about, a brief summary?
  • Action, gradually heating up things
  • Conflict, grasping audience’s attention,
  • Climax,
  • Resting the plot for everything to settle down calmly,
  • Resolution.

The same elements used for a novel-based story can actually be used to write about your business story. Like every other story, the main theme of the story would repeat; different introductions, climax and resolutions but the main theme would be the same. Similarly with every new promotion, the theme that is ‘PULICIZE’ would be the same. The brand story every time for every new product would be same just with a twist of new words and expressions.

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The origins are loved by people and are powerful enough to shape your brand story. Your brand challenges are the part of what humanize your brand and engage your audience. You losses are what inspires your clients and creates a dramatic twist in your brand story. The testimonials are what compensate your losses and attract new buyers.

The brand story theme is just an analogy to actually make you understand what you are dealing with, and how all of this works. All of these elements are woven together; the template would break if you miss out any of these points. So don’t sit back or hesitate, move forward yes sometimes you would trip or be completely clueless about the happenings around but then that what stories about, and you have to tell your brand story, your STORY! So tell it all.

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